TMT America Is Introducing Küberit to North America

Iconic German Floor and Wall Profile Manufacturer, Küberit, Partners with TMT America

Florence, AL / Lüdenscheid, Germany – September 16, 2020 – TMT America (TMT) announced a strategic alliance with Küberit Profile Systems GmbH for the introduction and development of Küberit in North America. The comprehensive line of Küberit products including trim, edge, transition, expansion, ramping, stair-nosing, and wall protection profiles will be marketed and supported by Küberit USA. The new venture has profiles for every project, design, and surface. The Küberit brand is positioned with elegance and sophistication paired with engineering excellence, supporting its launch with the fundamental statement, every profile tells a story™.

TMT is the entrepreneurial ventures firm founded in 2012 by Thomas Trissl after he sold Centiva, the LVT flooring brand and manufacturing operation he started and developed for 16 years. Eight years ago, TMT America introduced German-subfloor-manufacturer Schönox to North America. Schönox engineering and quality are now well recognized throughout the Americas with expanding brand awareness, adoption, and comprehensive support. TMT intends to follow the same path with Küberit with resounding brand marketing and world-class customer service.

Küberit, the original profile solution for interior construction since 1863, is the European market leader in metal profiles and transitions serving customers in 67 countries. Its standard product range includes more than 400 profile designs and 16,000 SKUs for all types of floors. Particularly relevant to TMT’s involvement and interest is Küberit’s unique product line addressing resilient flooring designs and functional requirements. Every Küberit profile has a specific purpose and story underwritten by the highest quality standards, forward-leaning design, and engineering excellence.

“My family’s business in Germany has been a faithful supporter of both Küberit and Schönox for over sixty years. These dedicated companies have exceptional products they have evolved over decades to meet the exacting demands and expectations of the worldwide flooring industry. We look forward to demonstrating not only Küberit’s functionality and quality, but also emphasizing the exceptional design and fashion opportunities presented by its profiles and transitions. Thanks to our long-standing relationship with Küberit-Germany and our existing relationships with North America’s largest flooring contractors, we are positioned to rapidly introduce this comprehensive, best-in-class product portfolio,” explained TMT’s Thomas Trissl.

“Küberit has had many opportunities to enter the strategically important North American market over the past few years, but never quite found the perfect partner. We have observed with great interest and admiration the performance of TMT’s team in the development of the Schönox brand. They have a proven ability to bring marketing creativity and excitement to a product line appreciated mainly for functionality. When Thomas and his team agreed to collaborate with Küberit’s management, it just seemed like the perfect opportunity to make this important move. We are excited about the chance to fully introduce our wonderful products to these new markets,” remarked Udo Ulbrich, Managing Director at Küberit Profile Systems GmbH in Lüdenscheid, Germany.

Küberit USA is based at TMT America’s campus in Florence, Alabama and will begin operations October 1, 2020. Product catalogs will be provided to major flooring dealers shortly thereafter and products may be ordered through

You can download a PDF version of this Press Release Here.

About Küberit

Küberit Profile Systems GmbH & Co. KG, headquartered in Lüdenscheid, Germany, is a high-tech company, specialized in manufacturing edge trims, transitions, ramps, stair-nosings, expansion joint profiles, and clip-systems for the ceramic tile, resilient, and wood flooring industry. Küberit provides professional solutions for residential as well as heavy duty commercial applications. Each innovative Küberit profile is produced according to the highest standards, and the processes are ISO 9001 certified. Küberit was founded in 1863 and remains family-owned to this day.

About TMT America

TMT America examines the world of ideas and new products seeking ventures in need of capital and consulting expertise with a focus on developing companies today that will produce products that are desired tomorrow. Different business units are combined under the roof of TMT America, all specialized in flooring and interior design solutions suited for new construction, as well as renovation and occupied spaces.

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