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KÜberit Clip System Profiles

DESIGN-CLIP profiles are uniquely designed for floating flooring systems. It’s two-part profile system with a smooth surface allows for a (6mm) 1/4” expansion. Professional installers can install the profile quickly and easily, due to the user-friendly click technology and extremely solid click connection. Design-Clip is a suitable transition for resilient floor coverings and carpets of different heights, as well as same-level transitions and edge trim.

MONO-CLIP profiles are especially designed for all hard flooring options from (7-22mm) 9/32-7/8”. A two-part profile system with three different base options allows for a (13mm) 1/2” expansion. Paired with new friction-locked technology, it makes for a more convenient, faster and safer installation. The smooth surface and slender design with no visible screws are sure to impress.

Design-Clip – For installation of all types of floor coverings

Mono-Clip – For installation of all types of floor coverings